The White Horse Inn

Piękna Rosjanka

Crimes and their consequences The city legend says that dark things were going on in the tenement house at 39 Krakowskie Przedmieście. To this day, you can hear the frightening sounds associated with them … The history of the building at 39 Krakowskie Przedmieście goes back to the 18th century when in the former grounds […]

Semicircular tower

Baszta Gotycka

Firelight in the nooks and crannies of the tower The Semicircular Tower is one of the few preserved elements of the original city walls. Legend has it that a certain young man stole candles from it and therefore disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The Semicircular Tower has an unusual shape. It looks as if someone built […]

About Basia and Rudnicki

Kamienica Konopniców

Sensational love story There was no such thing in Kozi Gród before or later! Great love and daring kidnapping at Rynek 12 have been forever in Lublin’s tradition. It was 1602. At that time, the office of the Mayor of Lublin was held by Sebastian Konopnica, one of the wealthiest inhabitants of the city. Its […]

Frescoes in castle chapel

Kaplica Trójcy Świętej

How the beautiful frescoes of the castle chapel were painted It is a legend that connects Lublin with Lutsk, a city in western Ukraine. The chapel at the Lublin Castle still remembers the times of the first Jagiellons, especially Władysław Jagiełło, who visited Lublin several times. Lublin is located in the middle of the route […]

Clockmaker from Krakowska Gate

Brama Krakowska

All hobbies of Mr. Lutowski The clock on the Krakowska Gate was placed together with the helmet superstructure above the Gothic gate. Since then, the building has been inhabited by a clockmaker who looked after the mechanism. One of them was supposed to be Mr. Lutowski, who messed up the clock a bit … and […]

About pancakes and the great fire

Pożar Lublina

About Jadwiga who accidentally burned the city down Can you be so unlucky enough to set the whole city on fire? According to the legends, Jadwiga did. History blames her for starting the great fire that occurred on the night of May 7-8, 1575. It was the beginning of May 1575 and Lublin was teeming […]

Beautiful Russian: Tamara Kondratievova

Piękna Rosjanka

Murder on the train Beautiful, young, but pugnacious – Tamara was exactly like this. She died in tragic circumstances on the train from Lublin to Krakow. To this day, it has not been possible to explain what happened during that unfortunate trip. The Ziemia Lubelska daily of 20 March 1906 posted a disturbing note in […]

Unfortune Water Nymph

Akrobaci carnaval

Unhappily in love True love gives you wings, and unhappy love cuts your wings. The beautiful acrobat Inez, who once visited Lublin at the impresario theater at the corner of Jezuicka and Dominikańska streets, found out about it. The summer theatre building was willingly hired for circus performances. The audience was always fully packed. Józio […]

Boczarski’s Mill

Pałac Sobieskich młyn Boczarskiego

Like Boczrski with his mill Boczarski did not have a head for business. And since he had interests in his head all the time, sadly his life was over for him. When the night is moonless and windy, you’d better not take Bernardyńska Street. It is especially advisable you should walk well clear of the […]

Stone of misfortune

Kamień nieszczęścia

It is better not to touch this stone! Over the years, Lublin has been affected by fires, plagues and many other misfortunes. And some stone was to blame for all or at least some of this. What is intersting, it is still in the city today! One of Lublin’s curiosities is the stone of misfortune […]

Mysterious treasure


What happened one stormy night … Without this support, would the Bernardine church never have come into existence? The night was pitch-black and a rainstorm was rolling over Lublin. When yet another lightning struck, illuminating the market square with a deathly glare, it also cast light on a cart standing in front of the town […]

The story of father Ruszel

The Basilica of the Dominican Order of St. Stanislaus the Bishop and Martyr

Ghost in Dominican church Father Paweł Ruszel is a historical figure. He lived at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries.> Father Ruszel went down in history as a saintly man, promoter of the cult of the relics of the Holy Cross Tree and the Church Brotherhood of the Holy Cross. He is the […]

The Holy Cross Tree

Wnętrze bazyliki dominikańskiej

Miracles in the Dominican church For hundreds of years, the miraculous relics of the Tree of the Holy Cross were kept in St. Stanislaus the Bishop and Martyr. At that time, they were the cause of many miracles and fame of Lublin. The largest piece of the Holy Cross Tree in the Catholic world, kept […]

About the name of the city

Szczupak i lin

Pike or tench? The name of the city of Lublin is quite mysterious. Many etymologists have tried to find its roots. The city’s legend tries to explain the origin of the name, pointing to a rather surprising source. The sunshine was beautiful, it was May or maybe July. The surrounds of our town, which was […]

Goldsmith’s daughter

Piękna złotniczanka

The story of beautiful townswoman Many exceptional girls have gone down in the history of Lublin. The daughter of a local goldsmith did it a rather unusual way, and the fame about her beauty spread not only around the town, but also around the whole neighborhood. Her name was probably Tereska. She got up very […]

Lublin’s Coat of Arms ans the Billy Goat

Koziołek MPWiK na Krakowskim Przedmieściu

Like a goat jumped into the coat of arms Granting municipal charter to Lublin in 1317 was connected with taking further steps in building the city’s identity. One of them was the creation of the city’s coat of arms. According to the old story, the coat of arms porposed by Cracovian artist did not meet […]

Leszek the Black’s dream

Po Farze Square

A prophetic dream of a prince under an old oak tree The thirteenth century was marked by numerous enemy invasions, especially from pagan Lithuania. Once, something extraordinary happened in Lublin. We can see the traces of it indirectly to this day. It was summer of the year 1282. Lithuanians and Yotvingians tyrannize the Lublin region. […]

About Żmij who guarded the town

Instalacja "Żmij" na Trybunale Koronnym w Lublinie. Festiwal Legend Lubelskich

In the care of a creature For centuries, the inhabitants of towns and villages sought protection from various creatures and monsters. The dwellers of Lublin were to be looked after by Żmij – an angry, but fair creature. Once an oak grove grew on the Old Town Hill. It was inhabited by a peculiar creature. […]

The Devil’s Paw

Legenda o czarciej łapie inscenizacja

About devils who passed a fairer judgement than people Lublin became the seat of the Crown Tribunal for Lesser Poland at the end of the 16th century. It was the last court instance for the nobility. And although the judges were initially supposed to apply themselves to their work, they soon became corrupted. This legend […]