Semicircular tower

Firelight in the nooks and crannies of the tower

The Semicircular Tower is one of the few preserved elements of the original city walls. Legend has it that a certain young man stole candles from it and therefore disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

The Semicircular Tower has an unusual shape. It looks as if someone built it on a circular plan and cut it straight in half along the length. It may be surprising, but it had a practical application. Wooden stairs led to the next floors, connecting the tower with the galleries at the wall. Window openings made it possible to observe the area and defend the stronghold in the event of an invasion.

The defensive function, however, was not the only one of the Semicircular Tower. At one time, it was also a “candle circus”, where blisters were made using hemp ropes. And it is with them that a certain urban legend is associated.


Well, one of the candlemakers who worked in Baszta was to fall in love with a beautiful townswoman. The girl lived on the other side of the Krakowska Gate. It wasn’t far, but it was hard to find her home under the cover of the dark night. Joachim, because that was the boy’s name, every time he sneaked into his beloved, he stole a candle from the Tower. It happened several times, and then he was lost.

Some people say, that in the evening, when approaching the Semicircular Tower, you can see a small fire. Was it the spirit of Joachim who repented of his thefts?

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