…10 ways to feel like locals

Become a Lublin dweller for a moment!

Regardless of where you come from, every Lublin dweller is your “brejdak” (“brother”). And since we are a family, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the habits of the inhabitants of Lublin and feel like them for a moment.

  • Meet next to “the baobab”. It is an indicative meeting place that probably every dweller of Lublin chooses. In the past, an old poplar called by the locals a ‘baobab’ grew at Litewski Square. Today a new tree is growing, but the tradition has remained. Attention! A time capsule is buried right next to a young baobab. It will be opened in less than 100 years!
  • Eat the onion flatbread. This is not an onion bait for tourists. We eat onion flatbreads willingly and regularly in Lublin. Of course, there is an unwritten rule that we do not eat onion flatbreads in trolleybuses because the smell will tempt other passengers 😉 Look for the best onion flatbreads in bakeries in the vicinity of the Old Town.
  • Dance on the Culture Bridge. The historic bridge over the Bystrzyca River (extension of Zamojska street) plays an important role as the Bridge of Culture in summer. It means a lot is happening there! Performances, concerts, and… dances – swing, folk, or cha-cha. There is a bar open every summer, too.
  • “Kajtnij się” to Zembrzyce Lake. In Polish: take a bicycle (even a city bike), choose a bicycle path (we recommend the one along the Bystrzyca river), and go to the Lublin sea – Zemborzyce Lake. What to do there? You can lie on the sand or on a sun lounger in a pub, go around the Lake by bike, rent water equipment or relax in the “Słoneczny Wrotków” (water park).
  • Have fun until the morning at Krakowskie. Krakowskie Przedmieście is a street that does not sleep at night. You will find bars, restaurants, and clubs here. And if the city festival is just going on, know that the whole Krakowskie Przedmieście turns into an open-air club!
  • Take a ride by trolleybus. Lublin is one of three cities in Poland that have opted for trolleybuses. They take residents to work on a daily basis, but there is a line that will especially appeal to tourists. The ZIUtek is a historic vehicle that transports passengers along a tourist route and takes them back to the 1970s.
  • Visit the Antiques Fair at Plac Zamkowy. Unusual trinkets, old editions of books, and collector’s examples of coins or stamps. Walk among the stalls and go back in time. Such impressions are available only on summer Sundays in the morning!
  • Listen to the bugle call at noon. Lublin buglers have respect in the city like no one else! Everyone who passes the New Town Hall at noon stops even for a moment to listen to the ‘local anthem’. This urban tradition is over 450 years old!
  • See the show at Plac Litewski. Probably everyone loves the multimedia fountain in the main square of Lublin, it gives kids a lot of fun and their parents a moment to rest. And in the evening? It is a place for multimedia shows on a water screen. Projection themes are varied, but always talk about our city.
  • Check the fidelity of your partner our way. How to do it? The recipe is simple: go through the gate of the Trinitarian Tower! The rooster hanging on its top crows when a faithful husband or faithful wife passes by the gate.

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