Only in Lublin

Things you can find and experience just in Lublin

There are many unusual places, unique events, and rare traditions in Lublin. Come to explore it all!

  • Neon light “Brejdaki” on ul. Zamojska. There are some words typical of the Lublin dialect. “Brejdaki” means “brothers”. This Lublin regional word was presented as a neon light by Tomasz Pieńczak. It hangs on the wall of a tenement house on ul. Zamojska. 
  • Cebularz (onion flatbread). Probably the most famous snack in the Lublin region which is protected in the European Union. There is the Regional Museum of Cebularz on ul. Szewska where you can bake it yourself. You can also buy the certified onion flatbread at the Kuźmiuk Bakery (ul. Furmańska 4). It tastes best straight from the oven!
  • The stone of misfortune, fortunately, there is a warning sign above the stone, so you won’t touch it accidentally. It is located at the crossing of ul. Teodora Gruella and ul. Jezuicka. According to the legend, the stone’s evil fame began in the 15th century, when the executioner cut down an innocent man on it, and since then the stone brings only misfortunes.
  • The Municipal Artistic Apiary is located on the green terraces of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures. Colorful hives among grasses and trees are an unusual view in Poland, which is becoming more and more popular. Watch the life of bees and taste the local honey (available for purchase at the CSK Culture Store).
  • A table with a burned devil’s paw. The only such example in the world is presented in the National Museum in Lublin. Its history is connected with the most famous Lublin legend and is real fun for lovers of magic, legends and mysterious phenomena.
  • Carnaval Sztukmistrzów. The explosive, unique, and amazing new circus art festival has been held in Lublin for over 10 years. During the Festival, Lublin comes alive thanks to street artists, buskers, performances and installations. Carnaval Sztukmistrzów is accompanied by the Urban Highline Festival – the oldest and largest official rally of slackliners and highliners, which is the only one organized in an urbanized space, i.e. in the Old Town.
  • Brain Damage Gallery. It is the only gallery in Poland and one of the first in the world dedicated to graffiti writing and its various forms of evolution. In 2017, the leading street art artists, including Banksy himself, were presented at the “It is framed” exhibition in Lublin. Brain Damage Gallery is located in the CSK building (Plac Teatralny 1, entrance from ul. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej).
  • The Foucault Pendulum, installed in the Lublin Conference Center (ul. Artura Grottgera 2), is used to illustrate the Earth’s rotation. The structure of the pendulum consists of a steel cable 25 meters long and a metal weight with a weight varying from 20 to 28 kilograms. The time needed for a full rotation of the plane of the pendulum swing in the LCK is approximately 30 hours, 46 minutes. and 30 seconds! The Foucault pendulum shows are possible from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. after prior appointment by phone at 81 718 09 60
  • Frescoes in the Holy Trinity Chapel. These Ruthenian-Byzantine frescoes are unique in Poland. And it is not only about historical values – the interior of the Chapel also fascinates theologians, anthropologists, painters, and… directors – the Holy Trinity Chapel has often become a film set for popular series and cinema hits.
  • Culture Night. Traditionally, on the first Saturday in June, when dusk falls, the city turns into a dreamland. There is a play with light, outdoor performances, and dance. In the Night of Culture, the city lives like no other night. It’s worth coming before this spell fades in the morning…

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