…tasty Lublin

The best ideas for food lovers

What is the perfect way to explore Lublin for food lovers? Food tour!

  • Regional Museum of Cebularz. How about making an onion flatbread yourself? Visitors of the museum will learn about city legends, the history of Lublin’s most famous delicacy, and … a recipe that they will later use to bake their own. At the end of the visit to the Regional Museum of Cebularz, there is a tasting.
  • Place of Inspiration – places where the Lublin vibe is perceptible like nowhere else. Restaurants and bars that have received this title are distinguished by regional cuisine and a unique atmosphere. Find out more about our Places of Inspiration!
  • What to ask? For local delicacies. In some Lublin restaurants, traditional onion flatbread is served for breakfast or as a main course or snack. It is also worth asking about Lublin forszmak, flatbreads and Lublin dumplings with cottage cheese and buckwheat. What about a drink? Beer from local breweries and ciders will be a great choice. It is also worth a taste of Lublin meads.
  • Food festivals. The tastes of the region and the world are the subject of numerous events in Lublin. The most popular are the annual the European Festival of Taste, the Jagiellonian Fair, or the summer fair on ul. Szambelańska that takes place every weekend. It’s worth mentioning the Wine Festival, Beer Fair, and a number of smaller food events.
  • Lublin and beer traditions. “Written stories with beer” is an offer of a walk with the Guide of Inspiration. Strolling through the streets of Lublin, participants will learn about the complicated fate of the Friks and Vetters, learn where the breweries were located and how beer brewing looked like in the past. A mandatory point on the route is visiting the Underground of the Perła Brewery, ending with a tasting of the local drink.

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