Architecture in Lublin

Architectural gems, unique details

If you are a fan of architecture, know that Lublin has a few gems. Architectural monuments of Lublin can be found in not very obvious places.

  • The Hansen housing estate and modernism in Lublin. Modernism is most visible on the so-called the Hansen housing estate,(also called the estate of Juliusz Słowacki). The complex of apartment blocks and commercial buildings was designed by a couple of architects, Zofia and Oskar Hansen, according to the Open Form concept. Modernism is also visible in the space of the campus.
  • Royal Route. The architecture trail in Lublin leads even the most popular streets. You will notice architectural changes in the city space as you walk along the former royal route from the Renaissance Old Town, through the Art Nouveau downtown (tenement houses at Chopin Street, the building of the Collegium Iuridicum of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin), to contemporary architecture (Centre for the Meeting of Cultures).
  • Lublin Renaissance. The Lublin Renaissance route goes across the entire region, including 40 religious buildings. There are 11 of them in Lublin. What is the Lublin Renaissance? What are its features? The Lublin Renaissance is distinguished by a simple plan, the lack of a tower in the facade, buttresses, a slender body, and rich ornamentation.

Examples of the Lublin Renaissance:

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