Lublin from above

The best viewpoints in the city

What do you think  about changing perspective and going higher? We have several suggestions for the best places to admire Lublin from above.

  • Donjon, a Romanesque tower at the Lublin Castle, is a 3-floor building with a deck on the last floor. Once it was a habitable and defensive tower, and today it allows tourists to admire a beautiful panorama of the Old Town. Tickets are available at the box office of the National Museum in Lublin, located in the castle.
  • The Czwartek hill is considered the cradle of Lublin. “Czwartek” means “Thursday”. The first Thursday fairs in the settlement gave a name to the hill. Today, you can visit the Church of St. Mikołaj, and from the adjacent areas you can watch the panorama of the Old Town.
  • Po Farze Square allows you to look at the Lublin Castle from a different perspective. If you look a bit more to the left, you will see Czwartek Hill and St. Nicolas Church.
  • The Trinitarian Tower stands right next to the Lublin Archcathedral. It is the highest monument in Lublin, which attracts tourists thanks to its observation deck. After climbing over 200 steps, you can see the panorama of the Old Town and Śródmieście.
  • The terraces of the Center for the Meeting of Cultures is a great place to admire the panorama of the city centre, the Saski Garden, and the campus. Glass enfilades create an interesting background for photos, and the meadow growing here distracts from the city bustle. The City Artistic Apiary is located on the 5th floor.
  • Vivo’s shopping centre green roof! It is located in front of the Lublin Castle on the site of the former royal ponds. There are restaurants and apiaries surrounded by meadows. From the terrace, there is a view of the Lublin Castle.
  • The roof of the Victoria Hotel is the highest viewpoint in Lublin. It is on the 9th floor of a building located in Downtown, which allows you to see a large part of the city – green areas, sports facilities, as well as the Downtown and the Old Town.
  • Terrace of the restaurant 2 PI ER in the building of the Lublin Conference Centre. The 5th floor offers not only a panorama of the Saski Garden but also a great view of the building of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures. And in the restaurant 2 PI ER, remarkable regional dishes are served.

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