Lublin underground

Lublin a few feet under ground

Why is Lublin worth visiting? Because you can go underground and learn the best facts from the history of the city there.

  • The Lublin Underground Trail is a tunnel running through the basements of Lublin’s Old Town tenement houses. The route starts in the basement of the Tribunal and goes along ul. Grodzka to Po Farze square. Inside there are models of the city, exhibits, and installations telling the history of Lublin and its inhabitants. It is worth booking a visit to the Lublin Underground Trail in advance.
  • Cellar under Fortuna is a place that is rare in the world. Cellar under Fortuna, the former wine bar, where merchants and members of parliament enjoyed the entertainment, still intrigues with its unique secular polychromes.
  • The underground trail of the Perła brewery. The trail in the historic building of the Perła Browary Lubelskie company is a journey to the world of local brewing traditions. In the underground of the brewery, you can listen to stories about the history of the brewery and its former owners, brewing techniques, and the beers themselves.
  • The crypts of the Lublin Archcathedral consist of several parts, which include, among others, a chapel, graves of clergymen, an exhibition of vestments and sacred objects, as well as epitaphs devoted to clergy and laypeople of merit for Lublin and the Archcathedral.

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