Motycz Train Station

The brick, manor-house building in Motycz was erected in 1890. It was created as part of the infrastructure centered around the historic railway route – Nadwiślańska Droga Żelazna. This route of exceptional strategic importance connected the most important Russian fortresses in the Kingdom of Poland, running from Mława to Kowel with arms to Dęblin and Łuków. The building permit was given by Tsar Alexander II Romanov in 1874.

After that, the train station and the station in Motycz began to be used, among other things, for unloading the imported cattle and pigs, because there was a slaughterhouse and a bacon factory nearby. During World War II, Aleksander Sarkisow, who was a colonel and a soldier in the Polish Army, hid in the walls of the station. From the 1990s, the station remained unused and deteriorated over the years. Despite this, its original shape, facade decor and interior layout have been preserved. Work on the renovation and revitalization of the building began in 2019. They were completed two years later and today the historic Motycz station has not only changed beyond recognition, but has also started to accept passengers again.

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