Don Carlos / Giuseppe Verdi / live in HD

The Metropolitan Opera in New York may not have such a colourful and turbulent past as Lublin’s Old Theatre, but it does not lack charm either! This time, the New Yorkers will try their hand at Verdi, who originally conceived his masterpiece, Don Carlos, as five acts. With breaks, this means 5 hours of musical delights! In Lublin, they will be available thanks to an ultra-fast transmission of 0 and 1. The only change in the experience will be that during the entr’acte New Yorkers will be condemned to other New Yorkers in the foyer of their Opera House, while Lubliners will be able to empty the Old Theatre. Their will be the opportunity to stroll Jezuicka Street, where the blackbirds fill the evening with spring tunes.


Teatr Stary in Lublin
Date and time:
26.03.2022, 17.00
paid tickets