Mystery of Light and Darkness

On 16 March 1942, Operation Reinhardt began in Lublin with the aim of murdering the Jewish population residing in the General Government. It was on this day that the first transport with the city’s Jewish inhabitants left Lublin for the Bełżec death camp. For many years, on the anniversary of these events, the “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre has been reminding us of this tragic day through artistic and educational activities. It has become a symbol of our remembrance of the crime committed by German Nazis against Polish Jews. The main form of commemorating this day in Lublin is the “Mystery of Light and Darkness”, which has been taking place after dark at the Grodzka Gate every year for 22 years. It begins with the reading out of the names of the pre-war inhabitants of the Jewish quarter who (in all probability) were deported in the first transport bound for the Belzec death camp. Then, in the space where the Jewish Town used to be, all the lights go out. In this darkness, only a single lantern glows – the last surviving lamp from the Jewish City – the symbolic ‘Lighthouse of Remembrance’. On the other side of the Gate, in the Old Town, the lights are still on and ordinary, everyday life continues. The Grodzka Gate transforms for a moment into a Gate between Light and Darkness, and the people taking part in this Mystery enter this darkness, heading towards the Lighthouse of Remembrance.

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