„Pater Patriae” exhibition

From April 25, in Kozłówka, you will be able to see the National Exhibition of Contemporary Art entitled “Pater Patriae” dedicated to Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński on the occasion of his beatification. The exhibition has a pilgrim character – it is presented one by one in several galleries and museums. During the exhibition, you will be able to admire dozens of works in various painting, drawing, graphic and photographic, sculpting and multimedia techniques. What’s more, the Zamoyski Museum is a very special place when it comes to presenting this project – it was here in the years 1940-1941 that Father Stefan Wyszyński was hosted by the owners of the Kozłowiec residence – the Zamoyski family.


Muzeum Zamoyskich w Kozłówce, Kozłówka 3, Kamionka
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