Accommodation for employees

nocleg dla pracówników

Accommodation for Employees is dedicated to people on a business trip, staying on longer professional contracts or during a short business trip. The rooms are arranged in such a way as to ensure comfort and relaxation for our guests. There are comfortable beds with bed linen, flat screen TVs and electric kettles. There is a large open-plan kitchen with full appliances, a dining area, a TV room and a terrace with access to the garden. Bathrooms are spacious with showers and/or baths equipped with hair and hand dryers.
The accommodation on offer includes double, triple and quadruple bedrooms as well as multi-bedded. There is also a choice of a 75 m2 flat (up to 7 people) and a 100 m2 loft (up to 12 people).

nocleg dla pracówników
nocleg dla pracowników