Bicycle trail in Konopnica

The bicycle trail in the Konopnica is a picturesque route filled with various cultural and tourist attractions. The route is 29.4 km long, mostly asphalt. There is a country road only in the vicinity of the sports airport in Radawiec, and a forest road in Stary Gaj. The variety of the terrain ranges from 176 to 243 m above sea level. The course of the route: Lublin (ul. Raszyńska) – Konopnica – Lipniak – Uniszowice – Motycz – Radawiec Duży – Marynin – Stasin – Zemborzyce Podleśne – Zemborzyce – Lublin (ul. Cienista – Zalew Zemborzycki). Time depending on the pace is approximately 2 hours.

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