Janusz Kopaczek

Monument to the Union of Lublin

Guide Janusz Kopaczek is a city guide of Lublin and Cracow and the “Jagiellonian Trail” and the National Museum in Lublin. Tour leader, lecturer at guide training courses and examiner. President of the “East-West” Trails Union, “Jagiellonian Trail” Tourist Organisation and other Polish-Lithuanian Union Trails and its Borderlands, as well as “Via Jagiellonica” Foundation. Telephone: […]

The Tourism Factory

Widok na Stare Miasto

Guide The Tourist Factory invites you to take a tour around Lublin and the Lublin region! It is created by enthusiasts with reliable knowledge, full of energy, with a sense of humour, easily establishing contact with a group – including Łukasz Miazek, an Inspiration Guide. They also organise unconventional forms of sightseeing and exploring Lublin […]

Szczupak LubLin – Souvenirs and Tourism

Szczupak LubLin

Guide and Souvenir Shop Through interesting stories and legends told by a passionate Lublin guide, in a very criminal way, visitors will learn, for example, what the castle looked like when the king resided there, they will find the narrowest street in the Old Town, and they will get to know the old times of […]

LubLublin – Lublin Guide

LubLublin Magda Mazur Ciseł

Guide What fish is the city named after? What was the reason for the visit of devils in the Lublin stronghold? Why do you have to look carefully under your feet near the Trinity Tower? All these questions will be answered during a walk by the author of the book “Legends of Lublin for children” […]

Lubliniarnia – Tourism and Entertainment


Guide If you would like to visit Lublin in an unusual way, it is worth taking a walk, during which the guides lead tours in historical costumes and act out paratheatrical scenes. It’s full of interesting stories and legends told by passionate people. Telephone: +48 605 389 934Email: [email protected]: @Lubliniarnia go up

Tourist Office JAR-TOUR Joanna Szmit

Joanna Szmit

Guide She pursues a profession she is passionate about. In her walks she captures history – not only the great history from the pages of textbooks and monographs, but also the stories of ordinary people. In everyday life she finds curiosities, captivating stories and important facts. During her walks she passes on as much knowledge […]

Martin’s City Tours Lublin

Martin's City Tour

Guide How about getting to know Lublin from a different angle – in English, from the perspective of a foreigner? A completely different, exploratory approach to the city makes a guided tour by Martin and his colleagues interesting for tourists and locals alike. Telephone: +48 572 274 339Email: [email protected] site: www.martinscitytours.com go up