What do we do?

Obszary działania stowarzyszenia​

The city of Lublin and its metropolitan area is an area where there is something for everyone. Lublin is an over 700-year-old city with a very rich history resulting from the meeting of Western and Eastern cultures, as well as wonderfully preserved historical architecture: Gothic and, above all, Renaissance, and also full of post-war pearls of modernism and examples of top-class modern architecture. As one of the largest academic centres in the country, the city is vibrant with life 24 hours a day. It is a great centre for the development of high and alternative culture, as well as great festivals such as the Carnaval Sztukmistrzow and the Night of Culture. Around the city, on the other hand, there are areas ideal for peaceful recreation in nature, on foot or by bike.

That is why, as part of the Lublin Metropolis Tourist Organisation, we act together, in cooperation with local government, business and institutions, to build a positive image of Lublin and the Lublin Metropolitan Area as a place attractive to tourists and to support the development of the tourist market. We are a platform which combines the opportunities created by local government with the ideas and needs of the tourist industry. We integrate and coordinate activities of our members in order to obtain synergy effect in tourist promotion and to achieve the effect of scale.

In our activities we focus on the following areas of activity:

tourism promotion on the Internet: using our own and external websites, as well as social media, to promote tourism offers and products of our association members;

tourism promotion in traditional media: using emerging opportunities for effective advertising of the tourist potential of the Lublin Metropolitan Area, as well as professional public relations support for our members

study tours: cooperation with the Polish Tourist Organisation, its foreign centres, local government and industry partners in the realisation of study tours for the media and representatives of the tourist industry;

industry events: active participation in key fairs, conferences and meetings of the tourism industry from the perspective of association members

trainings and workshops: organization of trainings and workshops for members of the association, thanks to which they can acquire up-to-date knowledge, learn good practices and experience helpful in their everyday activities

publications: preparing, independently or with partners, tourism-related publications about the City of Lublin and the Lublin Metropolitan Area

analytics: studying tourist traffic;

tourist information: supporting the operation and development of tourist information concerning the Lublin Metropolitan Area.