…active sightseeing in Lublin

Explore unpaved trails actively

For all sports and active recreation fans, we have a lot of attractions that will release endorphins in everyone, regardless of age and sports interests.

  • A bicycle in Lublin is one of the best means of transport for those who like to rest actively. Over 170 km of bicycle paths and the Lublin City Bike system allow you to enjoy the weather and the city’s charms from a different perspective. The paths lead through the green parts of the city – along the Bystrzyca River valley, around Zemborzyce Lake, and the ravines characteristic of the region.
  • Water sports on Zemborzyce Lake is an offer for everyone. You can use the water ski lift, rent a kayak or a pedal bike. The rentals also offer badminton sets, volleyballs, surfboards, and bikes. In the summer there is Słoneczny Wrotków at the Zemborzyce Lake. It is a leisure complex of swimming pools and water attractions for adults and children.
  • Kayaks in Lublin? Indeed! The local, small main river, Bystrzyca, creates ideal conditions for safe family canoeing trips. Choose a route from the surrounding towns to Marina or from Marina to the Graf’s Manor, and admire the panorama of the city.
  • Aqua Lublin. Everyone likes a rest in the water park. The leisure complex Aqua Lublin invites you to use the swimming pools, sauna, family slides, paddling pools for children, and an interesting outdoor pool.
  • The Centre for Sports History in the Arena Lublin Stadium building is a proposition for an afternoon after active sightseeing. It is worth visiting the Centre for Sports History to learn about the history of the most outstanding Lublin sportsmen.

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