…Lublin for free

Forget about money and feel a vibe of the city!

Did you know that you can feel the vibe of Lublin without spending a single zloty? Enjoy remarkable art and rich history for free!

  • Courtyard of the Lublin Castle. The courtyard, open to visitors all day long, is perfect for admiring the solids of the most important monuments of the city and relaxing on comfortable benches. Drinking delicious coffee to go and contemplation of the surroundings of the Lublin Castle are allowed!
  • The Old Town. A walk along the streets of the Old Town takes you to Lublin from the past. Obligatory points? The Crown Tribunal, Po Farze Square, the Lubomelski’s tenement house at Rynek 8, the “feline house” at ul. Grodzka 17 and Hartwig Alley, located on the sidelines. Also, don’t forget to look up at the Magician while walking down ul. Grodzka!
  • Plac Litewski with a multimedia fountain. The soothing sound of the city fountain will relax you on sunny days, on a short break in sightseeing in Lublin. And in the evening it will catch your eye with colorful multimedia shows with history in the background.
  • Centre for the Meeting of Cultures. This place is connected with the history of the “Teatr w Budowie” (“Teatr w Budowie” building), a building that has been constructed without success for 30 years. The raw form of Centre for the Meeting of Cultures is a reference to the never-finished theatre building. There are a city meadow and the City Artistic Apiary at two extensive terraces.
  • Hartwig Alley. Picturesque and mysterious, hidden between Plac Rybny and ul. Kowalska. In the alley there are stairs “with poetry”, and along the railing there is a gallery with regular exhibitions of photography.
  • Street art in Lublin – murals and mosaics. Where to find them? For example in the Old Town. Find a small courtyard at ul. Jezuicka and see the mural of 16th-century Lublin view from the book “Civitates orbis terrarum”. Also, go to Vivo! Shopping Centre, where you will see an image of the former Jewish district. Look for other street artworks on tenement houses in Śródmieście: at ul. Zamojska, ul. Lubartowska, ul. Narutowicza and ul. Jasna.
  • Lublin Renaissance. A large number of churches in Lublin were built in the Renaissance. Local constructors smuggled specific elements that gave rise to the Lublin Renaissance. Where can you find them? In the church of st. Wojciech, the church of St. Paweł or the church of st. Mikołaj on Czwartek hill.
  • City festivals are held in the open space of the city. Summer in Lublin is marked by circus art, culture, and tastes from all over the world. It’s worth checking the calendar!
  • The State Museum at Majdanek. Entry to the site of the former concentration camp is free. A guide is available for an additional fee. However, it is worth remembering that due to its nature, the State Museum at Majdanek is only available to people over the age of 14.
  • Museums available for free. These include, for example, located at ul. Grodzka Pharmacy Muzeum referring to the pharmaceutical art of the past, the Martyrdom Museum “Under the Clock” commemorating the events and victims of World War II, and the Treasury in the monastery of the Dominican Fathers.
  • Days of free admission in museums. Who has the offer? The Open Air Village Museum, the National Museum, and its branches (the Holy Trinity Chapel, the Museum of the History of the City of Lublin in the Krakowska Gate, the Józef Czechowicz Literary Museum, and the Wincenty Pol Manor). It’s worth following their websites and profiles on social media to stay up to date!

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