…Lublin for kids

Best places for little explorers

Where to go with a child in Lublin? What attractions for children can you find in the city? We have some ideas!

  • Regional Museum of Cebularz. Have you thought about applying to the next edition of Master Chef? Try your hand at baking onion flatbread in the Regional Museum of Cebularz. You will also learn legends and interesting facts related to Lublin.
  • Wild Kids Reserve. This is a playground where children rule! The reserve, however, is not a typical square with slides and sandboxes. You will find a mud kitchen, tools, and materials from which to build bases, towers, and bridges. Your imagination is the only limit here.
  • The Multimedia Fountain on the Litewski Square. It gives a little cooling on hot days. It delights with colors in the evenings. From May to September, you can watch extraordinary light, sound and water-shows on the multimedia fountain. Be here on Friday and Saturday at 9:00 PM and feel the magic.
  • The Open-Air Village Museum in Lublin. Move to the Lublin countryside without leaving the city. In the Open Air Village Museum, you will meet horses, goats, chickens, and ducks. You can also enter the country cottage and old workshops. Spend a whole day or a few hours here, and when you get hungry, order country dumplings in the local inn.
  • Botanical Garden. If you want to hide for a while and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, visit the “secret garden”. Big old trees, shrubs, and countless different kinds of plants are amazing in Botanical Garden.
  • Zemborzyce Lake. You can lie on the beach and eat ice cream, splash in the pools of “Słoneczna Wrotków”, play in the local playgrounds or walk in the treetops in the Rope Park by the “Lublin sea”. And if you feel like a fish in the water, rent a boat, pedal boat, or canoe. You can raise the adrenaline level on the water ski lift and lower it by playing mini-golf close to Zemborzyce Lake.
  • Aqua Lublin. Water attractions are waiting for you in Aqua Lublin. There you will find an Olympic pool, an outdoor pool, paddling pools, slides, and a water playground. A jacuzzi and a sauna area will provide relaxation.
  • CSK and the Municipal Artistic Apiary. The green roof of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures is a great place to admire the panorama and take photos. Don’t be surprised when you hear a buzzing noise. There are hives here inhabited by city bees.
  • City playgrounds. There are quite a few of them in the center. The best ones can be found on Litewski Square, in Saski Garden, at the Centre for Culture (ul. Peowiaków 12), on the meadows close to the Castle, and on the roof of Vivo! Shopping Centre. Po Farze Square is not a playground, but children love this space.

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