…Lublin on rainy days

Don't let the rain spoil your visit to Lublin!

The holidays are on but it is raining all the time? There is no need to worry. There are plenty of places to visit in Lublin and even more things to do when it’s gloomy outside!

  • Museum of the History of the City of Lublin. The Krakowska Gate invites you to the museum, where the history of the city from the first settlements to the end of World War II is told on 5 floors.
  • Lublin Underground Trail. A walk through the Underground Trail will lead you through the history of the city, its dwellers, famous fires, and salutary downpours. Whether it’s rainy autumn outside or a rainstorm after the summer heat – take a warmer sweater!
  • Regional Museum of Cebularz. A large dose of stories and legends, a pinch of knowledge about onion flatbread baking, a huge portion of fun creating your own. Here’s a recipe for a great time when it’s raining outside. A visit to the Regional Museum of Cebularz will appeal to both adults and children.
  • House of Words. About freedom of speech, about its strength in the face of totalitarianism, about poetry and literature. House of Words is a journey on the road to freedom, as well as to literary works. The Chamber of Printing shows the word from a technical, no less interesting side.
  • Teatr Stary. It has been home to local and itinerant artists over the years. Today it hosts the greatest names of Polish cinema and theatre. Come to the Old Theatre and see the permanent exhibition that will tell you about this magical place.
  • The Holy Trinity Chapel. Unique Ruthenian-Byzantine frescoes and probably the richest history of all Lublin monuments make the Holy Trinity Chapel the winner of TOP 10 place in Lublin. Moreover, its interior has often become a film set!
  • Aqua Lublin. Everyone likes to relax in Aqua Lublin. It invites you to use the swimming pools, sauna, family slides, paddling pools for children, and a rather interesting outdoor pool.

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