Must Visit

You cannot miss these places

There are places you cannot miss in Lublin. The history and secrets of the city are hidden there. What to visit in Lublin?

  • The Old Town with colorful, richly decorated tenement houses. The Konopnica family tenement house with a beautiful blue facade (Rynek 12) or the Lubomelski family tenement house (Rynek 8) with interesting polychromes. In the Cellar Under Fortuna, located in the basement of this building, you can see Renaissance secular wall frescoes – unique in this part of Europe. In the gothic hall on the ground floor of the tenement house, there are recently discovered polychromes depicting a portrait of the 16th-century Lublin. While walking, pay attention to the facade of the “feline house” at ul. Grodzka 17 and the facade of the tenement house at Rynek 2, decorated with images of famous residents and guests of the Renaissance Lublin. The Old Town in Lublin is more than just tenement houses. It is worth visiting the church of Bishop Stanisław and the courtyard of the monastery of Dominicans. Visit the Old Theatre and the “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre, a cultural institution caring for the history of “Jerusalem of the Polish Kingdom”. Among the must visit in Lublin there is also the church of st. Wojciech on ul. Podwale, symbolic foundations of the former parish church (Po Farze square), the narrowest street in Lublin (ul. Ku Farze), and the picturesque and full of poetry Hartwig Alley. Apart from monuments, the Old Town also offers great restaurants serving regional dishes and meals from around the world. In the evening, you will be enchanted by the vibe of illuminated restaurant gardens and street artists singing in the Grodzka Gate and Krakowska Gate.
  • The Museum of the History of the City of Lublin in the Krakowska Gate. It presents the history of the city from the first traces of settlement to 1944. Exhibits of the Museum of History of the City of Lublin (ceramics, documents, everyday objects) are presented on five floors.
  • The Lublin Underground Trail begins in the basement of the Crown Tribunal. Exhibitions located in intricate corridors present the various stages of Lublin’s development, tell about the life of its inhabitants and the most important moments in the history of the city.

The Lublin Castle with the Holy Trinity Chapel and a Donjon. The castle in Lublin was built in the 12th century, but the present building was built in the 19th century. It used to be a prison, today it is the seat of the National Museum in Lublin. There is the table here, in which, according to the legend, the devil himself has burned a shape of his paw after a fair sentence was passed on the poor widow. In addition, the complex includes the Holy Trinity Chapel with unique Ruthenian-Byzantine frescoes, where Polish kings often prayed. The Donjon is a Romanesque tower with an observation deck with a panorama of the Old Town.

Lublin Archcathedral and the Trinitarian Tower. The Archcathedral, formerly the Jesuit church, is characterized by rich decorations. Make sure to visit the Acoustic Sacristy, Crypts, and Treasury. Go up the viewpoint terrace in the Trinitarian Tower to see an amazing panorama of the Old Town.

Plac Litewski with a multimedia fountain. Every year, from spring to autumn, the city fountain is opened, where multimedia shows are presented on weekend evenings. Short projections tell the history of the city and its inhabitants in an interesting, sometimes funny way.

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