One day in Lublin

Get to know Lublin inside out!

Are you just passing through and have little time to explore? Don’t worry, we suggest what to see in Lublin to get to know it quite well! It is also an offer for business guests who are eager to find out what to see in Lublin in their free time.

  • The Lublin Castle and all its attractions. And what exactly? The Art Gallery, with the original painting by Jan Matejko, “Union of Lublin”, as well as a table in which, according to a well-known Lublin legend, the devil himself burned the shape of his paw as a mark of fair judgment on a poor widow. In addition, a visit to Lublin cannot be complete without visiting the Holy Trinity Chapel (unique in Poland) and the Donjon with a viewing terrace overlooking the amazing panorama of the Old Town.
  • A walk through the Old Town with a short coffee break and tasting cebularz in one of the local bakeries or restaurants. The Old Town has been a witness to dozens of important events for Lublin. Facades of tenement houses tell stories about outstanding inhabitants of the city, and the Crown Tribunal recalls how important it was for the Kingdom of Poland and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  • The “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre is located in a tenement house that used to connect the Christian world with the Jewish world. Today you will find the permanent exhibition “Lublin. Memory of the Place” in the “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre. It will take you on a journey to pre-war Lublin.
  • Trinitarian Tower. The highest viewpoint in the Old Town allows you to admire the panorama of the Old Town and Śródmieście. All you have to do is climb up over 200 steps.
  • Plac Litewski with a fountain and a small park will keep you cool on hot days. The fountain is a stage for multimedia shows in the evenings. But wait! Litewski square is full of memories from old times. You will find here a monument to the Union of Lublin and magnate palaces, a monument to Marshal Piłsudski commemorating Poland’s regaining independence in 1918, and a monument to Józef Czechowicz – a pre-war poet, who made Lublin a hero of his poems many times.
  • Centre for the Meeting of Cultures. Place of concerts, performances, and social gatherings. It intrigues with its raw form and encourages with its open space. There is the Hans Christian Andersen Theatre for children, as well as several restaurants and a nightclub. The terraces of the Centre for Meeting of Cultures on the 4th and 5th floors are an extraordinary place – not only will you find a meadow here, but you will also learn about the life of bees in the City Artistic Apiary.
  • The Open-Air Village Museum in Lublin. If there is enough time, it is really worth coming to the outskirts of Lublin to experience the local folklore. The open-air museum in Lublin will appeal to both children and adults. The exhibition consists of buildings of villages and provincial towns.

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