Words and poerty in Lublin

Lublin - a city painted with words

There are buildings, museums, monuments, and walls in Lublin where poetry lives. Get lost in the city to find them.

  • The Józef Czechowicz Literary Museum is located near the monastery of Dominicans, at ul. Złota 3. There is a mural with Czechowicz’s poem “A Poem about the City of Lublin” on ul. Żmigród, next to the House of Words – Chamber of Printing. However, in Litewski Square (next to the Post Office building), there is a monument commemorating the poet.
  • House of Words – Chamber of Printing. A place where you can learn about the power and meaning of a word, both spoken and written. House of Words is a journey along the road to freedom, as well as the path of literary works. The Chamber of Printing operating here shows the word from a technical, no less interesting side.
  • Poetic murals. Take a look at the poetic Hartwig Alley, where you will find two poems by the outstanding Lublin poet, Julia Hartwig. See also murals at Lublin schools: at pl. Wolności (Marcin Świetlicki “Jonasz”), ul. Lipowa (Julia Hartwig “Don’t go”), ul. Podwale (Wisława Szymborska “Some people like poetry”), ul. A. Struga (Tadeusz Różewicz “The Poet’s Hair”) and ul. Wajdeloty (Jacek Podsiadło “What followed me when I left”). The last suggestion is a walk on ul. Jasna, where a mural with the text of the popular polish song in Yiddish was created on the side of the building.
  • The Manor of Wincenty Pol. Formerly it was an element of the Lublin open-air museum, today it is a branch of the National Museum in Lublin. The branch commemorates the Lublin poet and geographer, author of many poetic texts about the November Uprising. In nearby Nałęczów, there are other branches of the National Museum – the Stefan Żeromski Museum and the Bolesław Prus Museum.
  • The poetry of the Night of Culture. This annual event attracts thousands of dwellers and tourists. Dreamy installations, thrilling performances, and smaller events such as dances or workshops will encourage you to join a magical literary journey along the city streets in the Night of Culture.
  • The tenement house at Rynek 2. The ornate facade of this tenement house contains the images of remarkable Lublin poets, including Biernat from Lublin, Sebastian Klonowic and Wincenty Pol. Jan Kochanowski also appears on the facade wall. What did he have to do with Lublin? He was a frequent guest of the Tribunal city as a royal clerk, and during his last visit (he came to the Seym with an intervention), he made his life in Lublin.

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