What to eat?

Lublin delicacies

Lublin cuisine takes the best of traditional recipes and nature but also draws inspiration from the world and its multiculturalism. Restaurants offer Polish, Jewish, Italian, and fusion dishes. Thanks to a wide range of eating spaces, from a typical milk bar through pubs and cafes to restaurants signed with the Places of Inspiration sign, everyone will find something for themselves.

Śniadanie po lubelsku
  • Cebularz, everybody knows it here. This wheat flatbread covered with diced onion and poppy seeds is a delicacy of the Lublin region. The recipe, handed down from generation to generation, dates back to the 19th century. Cebularz was entered on the list of traditional products in 2007, and since August 2014 it has been protected by European Union law as a regional product. You should taste cebularz when visiting Lublin. 
  • Forszmak. Visit the regional restaurant to try this warming dish. The thick stew based on various types of meat with the addition of pickled cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and onions is very filling and recommended especially in the autumn and winter.
  • Schabowy po lubelsku. The Lublin-style schabowy (pork chop) is breaded with a large number of eggs instead of breadcrumbs so it may look like an omelette. The quality of products is very important, which is the domain of regional cuisine. 
Polędwiczki wołowe z piwem
  • Pierogi (dumplings) with potatoes and cottage cheese, with mushrooms, with meat or with fruit are known all over Poland. But you can taste one more type of dumplings in Lublin. The stuffing of this regional delicacy includes buckwheat, cottage cheese, onion, smoked lard, or bacon. One thing is for sure, it’s worth trying.
  • Lublin yeast gryczanka. This little bun stuffed with buckwheat and cottage cheese just melts in your mouth. It is delicate, slightly sweet with a hint of mint. Perfect as a snack to take on your way. 
  • Lublin sweets. Praline from Lublin has a perfect balance between the sweetness of chocolate and the filling. Old Polish cream puff from Lublin stuffed with raspberries. It is an offer for real gourmand! 
  • Extraordinary meads (bean, raspberry and buckwheat taste) are typical for Lublin region which is called “polish apiarian area”. They strengthen immunity, regenerate the body and have healing properties. This is one of the products you should bring home.
  • Alcool made in Lublin region is always top-shelf. The region is famous for the cultivation of hops and apple orchards. Local beers and ciders are the showcases of the region and a brand recognized all over Poland. It is worth tasting them in local pubs and restaurants. There you can also find meads and liqueurs, which are very popular, especially in the winter months.