The trail of Jan III Sobieski

The basis for creating the Trail of Jan III Sobieski is the noble heritage associated with the Sobieski family, in particular with the figure of Jan III Sobieski, including both tangible heritage (e.g. palaces, parks, places of residence, battles) and intangible heritage (e.g. legends, stories, recipes, culinary traditions, the memory of the eminent people who lived here). The Trail of Jan III Sobieski, initiated in 2007 in the Lublin region, combines history with the present. It is an interdisciplinary project carried out jointly by local governments, non-governmental organizations and business. Geographically ranging from Olesko, the birthplace of the King, to Vienna, it is a new canvas for development in the fields of: culture, education, entrepreneurship, including tourism, and renewable energy sources. At the same time, it is the basis for building functional territorial connections covering Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.
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