How to get around the city?

Means of transport and infrastructure in Lublin


Lublin is a walkable city. You can visit many monuments and attractions of the Old Town or the city centre, strolling just main streets. To achieve other worth-visiting places located on the outskirts of Lublin, use one of several means of transport.

There are many possibilities. Go by a city bus, trolleybus or taxi. You can even hire a car for a short rental. A ride on a city bike or an electric scooter will be a lot of fun, too!

Public transport in Lublin provides journeys throughout the city and the metropolitan area by buses and trolleybuses. There are several dozen day lines and 3 night lines.

You can buy a ticket in a nearby news-stand, ticket machine at the bus stop, or ticket machine inside the bus. You can also purchase a ticket using a mobile app: moBILET, mPay, skycash, zbiletem.pl, jakdojade i GoPay.

There are two tourist bus lines in Lublin – ZIUtek and Gutek (antique buses produced in the ’70s). Both routes are available for tourists in the summertime. Standard tickets apply.


The Lublin City Bike system consists of 91 rental stations located in Lublin and Świdnik, 891 bikes, 20 bikes for kids, and 5 tandem bikes. The Lublin City Bike system is operated by Nextbike. If you want to rent a bike:

  • create an account by mobile app Nextbike,
  • call contact centre 81 464 66 00,
  • visit Customer Service Centre on Jezuicka 1-3. 


The electric scooter is an alternative means of transport and… great fun! There are parking lots for scooters in the city and an automatic speed limit in certain zones. If you want to rent an electric scooter, download a Bolt mobile app. bolt.eu/en/cities/lublin/
If you want to get around Lublin by taxi, you can call it or search for one of the cabstands located around the city, including the Main Train Station, the Main Bus Station, and Lublin Airport. You can also call Uber or Bolt in Lublin. Download their apps from Google Play or AppStore. www.uber.com/pl/en/ bolt.eu/en/cities/lublin/ ALETAXI tel. 81 511 11 11 ABY TAXI tel. 81 196 33 Dwójki Taxi tel. 81 742 22 22 Echo Taxi tel. 81 524 00 00 SMS: 501 119 621 ECO TAXI tel. 81 744 22 22 DIAL-TRANS (transport for desabled persons) tel. 81 756 32 42 SMS: 517 783 706 Halo Taxi tel. 81 196 29 Merc tel. 81 525 50 00 MPT Radio Taxi 919 tel. 81 19191 SMS: 695 919 919 Multi Taxi Radio tel. 81 532 22 22 Radio Taxi Fart tel. 81 741 80 90, 81 196 81 SMS: 506 506 557 Radio Taxi Rytm tel. 81 525 25 25 Radio Taxi Luna s.c. tel. 81 745 79 79 Radio Taxi Lublin tel. 81 96 28 Alfa Siódemki 196 24 tel. 81 747 77 77 SMS: 504 125 177 Radio Taxi Piątka tel. 81 196 25 Taxi Eska tel. 81 194 44 SMS: 506 776 671 Taxi Trójki tel. 81 196 33, 81 743 33 33 SMS: 501 009 633 Zrzeszenie Transportu tel. 81 196 22, 81 53 262 62

It is possible to rent cars for a short rental in Lublin. Customers can choose electric, internal-combustion, and hybrid cars of various classes – from compact to premium class – offered by PANEK Carsharing. To rent a car, use a dedicated mobile app available in Google Play or AppStore. The fee is charged on the time and number of kilometers.


There are 3 paid parking zones in the Lublin city centre. You can make a payment for parking in a parking meter (by card or in cash) or using an app City Park App (remember about printing the label and leaving it in the car). 

The Paid Parking Zone in Lublin is valid:

Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 18:00


  • car park of Globus Lublin, ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 8
  • car park of Aqua Lublin, al. Zygmuntowskie 4
  • car park of MOSiR Łabędzia, ul. Łabędzia 4
  • car park of IKEA / SKENDE Shopping, al. Spółdzielczości Pracy 86 (direction: Białystok / speedway S19)
  • car park of Vivo! Lublin, ul. Unii Lubelskiej 2
  • car park of Galeria Felicity, al. Wincentego Witosa 32 (direction: Dorohusk / speedway S12)

Tourist buses may stop at Plac Zamkowy. The places have been prepared for coaches delivering organized groups of tourists, under the care of the person representing the event organizer.

  • Stopping in these places may take up to 15 minutes.
  • Limited stopping places for tourist buses are marked with the D-18a sign (“parking – reserved space”) that informs: “For tourist buses. Parking max. 15 minutes ”.
  • When stopping at a stop, turn off the engine.
  • The bus driver may drive up to the stop only to bring or pick up a group of tourists waiting there.
  • After the passengers have left the bus, the driver can drive to the car park located at Aleja Unii Lubelskiej.
  • by train POLREGIO (Lublin Airport – Lublin Główny),
  • city bus line no 5 (Mełgiew – Lublin Airport – Lublin Brama Krakowska),
  • car for rent by PANEK Carsharing (short-term car rental),
  • buses przewozy24.pl (Lublin Airport – Lublin Main Bus Station ul. Ruska)
  • taxi, Uber, Bolt.