City Break in Lublin

Spend a magical weekend in Lublin!

Lublin – inspirational, stimulating to action, thinking, and discovering. It’s an explosive mix of past and present. Come, feel, and experience! Which attractions to choose to fully discover the city? What to visit and what to eat? What to do during a short trip? We have prepared a plan for you. You can modify it as you wish!

Day 1 - Friday chill

Stare Miasto nocą

The evening reconnaissance

After arriving in Lublin and checking in at the hotel, you can go for an evening walk around Lublin’s Old Town. The charming tenement houses look great in the dim light of the lamps. The illuminated Po Farze Square is a perfect place to look at the Castle of Lublin and the panorama of Lublin. The evening is also a good time to explore the offer of local restaurants and pubs. Here you will find Polish, Jewish and Italian cuisine, as well as street food and vegan cuisine. Local breweries offer craft beers, ciders, and regional mead. It is also worth trying Lublin local food, especially cebularz (onion flatbread), which you can find in menus of regional restaurants. Look out for the restaurants marked with the Place of Inspiration logo. Why? Because they guarantee good quality and an excellent atmosphere.

How much time do you need? 2.5 h or more… The nightlife in Lublin involves.

Day 2 - Intensive Saturday

The Old Town for a good start

The day started with fresh cebularz and delicious coffee must be a good one. After breakfast, start your tour from the Castle of Lublin, which houses the National Museum in Lublin. The courtyard features the Holy Trinity Chapel with world-unique Byzantine-Ruthenian frescoes inside and the Donjon, one of the oldest buildings in Lublin with a great viewpoint. Walking from the Castle, you will enter the Old Town through the Grodzka Gate, which used to be a passage between the Christian and the Jewish town. Currently, there is the “Grodzka Gate — NN Theater” Centre.

Going further, you will come across many historic tenement houses. Take a look at their amazing ornaments and learn more about their history. You should also visit the Lublin Monastery of Dominicans with the Basilica of St. Stanislaus and the building of the Old Theatre. Delving into the alleys and streets of the Old Town, you will find the Stone of Misfortune, a mural with a panorama of Lublin, the Gothic Tower, the Hartwigs alley, and many other hidden treasures. In the central point of the Lublin Market Square, there is a building of the former Crown Tribunal to which the legend of the Devil’s Paw is connected. This is also here where the Lublin Underground Trail begins.

Leaving the Old Town through the Krakow Gate with the Museum of the History of the City of Lublin, continue your walk to the Trinitarian Tower and the Cathedral with acoustic sacristy, treasury, and crypts. If you cross the street, you will also enter the magical courtyard of the House of Words and visit the Chamber of Printing.

Reserve 3 hours for sightseeing!

Look around when walking along Krakowskie Przedmieście

Walking along Krakowskie Przedmieście, the main Lublin promenade, is a charming experience. The New City Hall, the Church of the Holy Spirit, and old tenement houses lead you to the main Lublin square. The square name comes from Lithuanian nobility that used to camp there when the Sejm met in Lublin. Now Lublin Union Monument reminds of the former glory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. There is also Józef Piłsudski Monument and the Czartoryski and the Lubomirski palaces.

The modern addition to Litewski Square is a multimedia fountain. Water performances entertain Lublinians and the guests in the season, and numerous benches will allow you to take a breath before further sightseeing. There is also a sign “I <3 Lublin”, which is quite popular among tourists. It is worth taking advantage of the offer of many restaurants in the area. Moving on, take a moment to visit the oldest park in Lublin. The Saski Garden is a green enclave in the middle of the city.

Now all you have to do is cross the street to come to Teatralny Square, where the modern shape of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures delights. The industrial interior houses concert, theatre, and exhibition halls. Be sure to go to the glass terrace and look at the city from a different perspective. The Municipal Artistic Apiary is located on the 4th floor of the building.

How much time do you need? 3 hours may not be enough.

Kościół pw. Świętego Ducha i widok na Krakowskie Przedmieście, z góry

Day 3 - Relax and reflection

Relax outdoors

The Lublin Open Air Village Museum and the Botanical Garden. You can choose which one you want to visit or have a look at both. An open-air museum is a unique place that allows you to go back in time, recalling the atmosphere of villages and small towns in the Lublin region. Old country cottages, craft workshops, church, orthodox church, and a windmill awaits you there. Farm animals will be a great attraction if you travel with children. There is also an inn within the museum. And if you want, you can take a picnic basket with you and sit on the grass or in one of the shelters located by the pond.

The botanical garden thrives in spring when the plants burst into bloom and nature comes to life, but it is worth visiting it also in summer and fall. You will find here around 6.5 thousand species and varieties of plants from all over the world, planted along charming paths. In the garden, there is the Kościuszko Manor House and a café.

You will spend here for about 3 hours.

Pay homage to victims at Majdanek Concentration Camp Museum

The State Museum at Majdanek is the oldest museum institution in Europe commemorating the victims of the Second World War. It was established in the fall of 1944 in the area of the former German concentration camp, commonly known as Majdanek. The area of the Museum covers 90 hectares with approximately 70 historical objects. History is not always easy, but places like the Museum at Majdanek cultivate our historical memory. It is worth visiting this place and taking a thoughtful look at the past, remembering the victims of those terrible days.

You should be prepared to spend here for about 3 hours.

We wish you lots of inspiration! Download the City Break brochure below.