How to get to Lublin?

Domestic and international transport

Lublin is located right in the centre of lubelskie region, 170 km away from Warsaw, 180 km away from Rzeszow, and nearly 100 km away from the border with Ukraine. There are 3 train stations, including Lublin Main Train Station, and Main Bus Station in the city. Lublin Airport handles scheduled flights to Great Britain, Belgium, Norway, and many more. Domestic flights to Warsaw enable coming to Lublin from any airport in the world.

S17 Warszawa – Hrebenne

S19 Białystok – Rzeszów

DK12/S12 Piotrków Trybunalski – Dorohusk 

The Main Bus Station handles regional, domestic and international bus connections. The building is situated in the centre of Lublin, close to the Old Town and the Lublin Castle. There are many city bus lines passing by the Main Bus Station.

Bus lines and timetables are available at


The Main Train Station in Lublin is located 3 km away from the city centre, close to the exhibition hall Targi Lublin, and near Arena Lublin stadium. The Main Train Station is connected to the city centre by numerous city bus lines.


Poland – Ukraine:

  • Dorohusk (car/train)
  • Zosin (car)
  • Hrebenne (car/train)

Poland – Belarus:

  • Terespol (car/train)
  • Koroszczyn (car)
  • Sławatycze (car)

Lublin Airport is situated in Świdnik, just 15 km away from the Lublin city centre. It handles domestic (Warsaw) and international flights (London, Doncaster, Dublin, Eindhoven, Oslo).

How to get to Lublin from the airport:

  • by train POLREGIO (Lublin Airport – Lublin Główny),
  • city bus line no 5 (Mełgiew – Lublin Airport – Lublin Brama Krakowska),
  • car for rent by PANEK Carsharing (short-term car rental),
  • buses przewozy24.pl (Lublin Airport – Lublin Main Bus Station ul. Ruska)
  • taxi, Uber, Bolt.


Port Lotniczy Lublin
Dworzec Główny PKS
Port Lotniczy Lublin

Main Railway Station

adress: Plac Dworcowy 1, 20-408 Lublin
urban bus: 1, 13, 30, 34, 45, 154, 161
website: www.pkp.pl/lublin

✔ taxi rank
✔ luggage room
✔ Wi-Fi
✔ toilet
✔ amenities for people with special needs

Main Bus Station

adress: Aleja Tysiąclecia 6, 20-400 Lublin
urban bus: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 17, 18, 22, 29, 31, 32, 34, 39, 52, 57, 150, N2
website: www.lubelskiedworce.pl/lublin

✔ taxi rank
✔ luggage room
✔ Wi-Fi
✔ toilet
✔ amenities for people with special needs

Airport Lublin

adress: Króla Jana III Sobieskiego 1, 21-040 Świdnik
urban bus: 5
website: www.airport.lublin.pl

✔ taxi rank
✔ luggage room
✔ Wi-Fi
✔ toilet
✔ amenities for people with special needs