About Lublin

Lublin - City of Inspiration

It’s been 700 years since Lublin formally became a town, and there is still a lot going on here! Lublin is located in eastern Poland where the cultures of the East and West meet. Nostalgia for the non-existent and once bustling Jewish district complements the multicultural spirit of the town. You can feel it during the events – Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, Night of Culture, Jagiellonian Fair, or the music festival East of Culture – Different Sounds. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Plac Litewski z fontanną multimedialną nocą


Are you looking for the ambiance of Lublin? You can find it in every street of the Old Town, in the courtyards of universities, in the best bars and restaurants in Downtown (and other districts), or in cultural institutions where this culture is flourishing as if there was no tomorrow. Or maybe you want to spend your time actively and reject a traditional way of sightseeing? Rent a city bike, electric scooter, or even a kayak, and go on a trip around Lublin the way you want.

When you get hungry, visit one of the 10 Places of Inspiration. Ask for onion flatbread, forszmak, Lublin dumplings, or other regional dishes based on traditional ingredients. In return, you will get a unique atmosphere and a ticket for a journey through time.

But wait a minute! Stop for a moment and look back at the past. Think about the golden times when the Jagiellonian royal dynasty reigned over Poland and Lublin was a tribunal town hosting the most important royal dignitaries and the king himself. Immerse in the local folklore by visiting the local open-air museum. Finally, think silently about those who Lublin lost because of a cruel history. You will find traces of them in the synagogues and places of memory that still exist in Lublin.