Mysterious treasure

What happened one stormy night ...

Without this support, would the Bernardine church never have come into existence?

The night was pitch-black and a rainstorm was rolling over Lublin. When yet another lightning struck, illuminating the market square with a deathly glare, it also cast light on a cart standing in front of the town hall. This surprised everyone who had sought shelter from the storm in the town hall, because the town gates had been closed long ago and no cart could have driven in. What surprised them even more was that the cart, drawn by two Ukrainian oxen, was without a coachman. There was a box on the cart.

When servants brought the box inside, panting heavily, and broke the staple off, they jumped back in shock. It was all filled with gold and jewels. On top, there was a letter addressed to Jakub Kwanta, the man who, together with Mikołaj son of Krystyn and Maciej Kuminoga had donated land to the Friars Minor of the Observance for the erection of a brick church. One of the burghers immediately ran out in front of the Town Hall to see if there was something else left on the cart. He saw neither the cart nor the oxen. And the town gates remained closed.

“I bestow this treasure to complete the construction of the church,” read Mikołaj to whom the servants had handed the letter. And so, thanks to the mysterious box, the construction of the church and the monastery was finished. They are there to this day, on Wolności Square.

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