…museums, art galleries, murals in Lublin

The best places for art lovers

Sightseeing Lublin from the perspective of art may surprise you. Art likes to hide in non-obvious nooks and crannies, so discovering it is even more interesting.

The National Museum’s Art Gallery is home to many outstanding works of art. Among them, a huge canvas by Matejko “Unia Lubelska”, and works by Wyspiański or Malczewski. The collections of applied art are also worth looking at. When you enter the interior of the Holy Trinity Chapel, you will see a unique art –  the Byzantine-Ruthenian frescoes delight with their colors.

Saska Gallery is an unusual gallery located on the fence of Saski Garden, the oldest park in Lublin. It can be said that art “goes out” to the streets in al. Racławickie. Every day you can see posters, graphics, and photos of great artists.

Labirynt Gallery is a place devoted to Polish and foreign contemporary art, as well as interesting lectures, inspiring meetings, and workshops. In the austere and industrial spaces of the Labirynt Gallery, works of artists such as Hasior, Libera and Janion appear.

Biała Gallery is located in the building of the Centre for Culture. As an author’s gallery, it tries to show new phenomena and tendencies in modern art in various forms. You will see exploratory and unconventional art in Biała Gallery.

Brain Damage Gallery is unique. The only one in Poland and one of the first galleries in the world dedicated to graffiti writing and its evolution. At nearly 250 sq m. the exhibition space presents the works of the best artists from Poland and around the world. There is also a thematic library at the Brain Damage Gallery.

  • The Centre for the Meeting of Cultures houses exhibitions on several floors. In austere spaces, you can see posters, graphics, photos, and neon lights. There are also two exhibition halls in the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures dedicated to temporary exhibitions.
  • Lublin street art is doing quite well. You will find the most interesting of them in the backyard at ul. Jezuicka 1 (“Civitates orbis terrarum”), or at the crossing of ul. Cyrulicza and  ul. Furmańska (murals “Dreams to the stars” and “Czułość Ryb”). There is a mural “Alice in Wonderland” on ul. Lubartowska 55 and the mural of the Etam Duo at ul. Lubartowska 57. Moreover, there is a mural with trolleybuses near ul. Peowiaków, and a mural with lyrics in Yiddish at ul. Jasna 3.
  • The Feline Tenant House. At ul. Grodzka 17 you will find a “feline tenement house”. Count the cats on its facade and find out more about the artist, an outstanding graphic designer who once lived next door.
  • Lublin has this atmosphere. While walking the streets of the Old Town, you can come across “fine art” everywhere. So look around carefully. Noteworthy are the photos in the windows of tenement houses that were found years ago in one of them, a mural in an alley on ul. Jezuicka, Sztukmistrz balancing above ul. Grodzka or stars that decorate the city in winter.

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