The best places in Lublin to take an Instagram picture

Lublin for a tourist of the younger generation? Yes, we invite all Instagrammers who want to take interesting and magical pics of the city.

  • Glass terrace of the Centre for the Meetings of Cultures. Glass enfilades surrounding the edges of the front facade of the Centre for the Meetings of Cultures allow you to play with the perspective, reflection in the glass, and also with the lighting coming from the front facade of the building in the evening. All you need is a trained eye. Then you take a unique photo, perfect for Instagram!
  • The magician on Grodzka Street. The clever but careless Jasza Mazur from Isaac Singer’s book has been wandering the rope over ul. Grodzka. You will meet him with a faithful monkey between Rynek and Po Farze square. The sculpture was created by Jerzy Kędziora. Regardless of the weather, the Lublin Magician looks like a true influencer in any picture. When taking a photo, you can confidently say the traditional sentence: “But how is he holding up there?”
  • Ku Farze street. The narrowest street in Lublin, a bit crooked and unsuitable for high heels … but beautiful and charming. It leads from Po Farze square (there used to be a parish church there) to Rybny square, and then to Hartwig Alley. It is worth presenting it in the photo from both perspectives. Add some nostalgic filters and you are already in Lublin from the old days!
  • Art installations in the Old Town. The vast majority of them are made by artists decorating the city for the Night of Culture. One year here and there you can catch lanterns made of dresses, another year lanterns made of mini balloons, then letters, flowers and much more. Beautiful day and night.
  • The inscription I <3 Lublin. Illumination in Litewski square attracts the eyes of everyone – both dwellers and tourists. In rainy weather, it reflects beautifully on the wet surface, at night it illuminates the space, and during the day it looks fantastic. What does it mean? It means that every Insta picture will always be successful!
  • The backyard of the House of Words. This year, the well-known Winnie the Pooh moved in here. His friends too! They can be found on the walls surrounding the space of the House of Words. The urban rumour has it that they willingly pose for photos!

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