Manor complex in Moszenki

The first records about the village of Moszenki appeared in 1469. At the end of the 18th century, 103 people lived here. After the Kościuszko Uprising and the Napoleonic War in 1827, there were 6 houses inhabited by 36 inhabitants. In 1880 there was a huge fire “Moszenka’s farm was destroyed [was] completely destroyed by fire”. Later, the property was taken over by a new, unknown owner, but a great landlord, because he brought his property back to splendor. This is how a source from the end of the 1880s describes Moshenko: “[Farm] was by the present responsible owner rebuilt and ordered. Comfortable brick buildings were erected, mostly covered with sheet metal. The forests are carefully cared for and closed for use, thickets with sowing of larch, spruce, pine, maple, birch, ash, oak, hornbeam and mud alder trees. The land in Moszenki is portable 1st class, fertile in the same species. The area includes 13 morgas gardens, 170 morgas meadows and pastures, and 400 morgas arable land, 65 morgas forest, 3 morgas waters, 9 morgas, roads, borders and exteriors, and 2 morgas under the buildings. There is a spacious garden in a beautiful setting, with alleys of ancient linden and ash trees and a few stocked ponds.

Manor house in Moszenki


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